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Anyone in the age 18-35 years can become a member of Rotaract Stockholm Djurgården. The requirements to apply for membership is that you have to attend minimum 3 club meetings. The board will vote on accepting you as member, but it's usually just a formality. 

The membership fee costs 500 SEK a year. 

About Rotaract Stockholm Djurgården

We are the biggest Rotaract Club in Sweden with 25-30 active members. We meet every other wednesday in central Stockholm to have dinner and listen to a speaker together. We also organize after work's and similar activities at a regular basis.

Rotaract is all about the leaders of the future, and as a member you have the opportunity to get great business contacts as well as attend leadership trainings both nationally and internationally. If you're into traveling, Rotaract clubs around the world are organizing +50 trips and conferences each year - all the way from Fiji to Siberia.  

Besides the social part of being a club member, we also organize 2-3 different social projects each year.  Our annual project "Buy One More" benefits the homless people in Stockholm, and our international project aims to fundraise enough money to build a library for a orphanage in Namibia.   

Follow our Facebook page to stay updated on upcoming club meetings! If you have any questions, send us a DM on Facebook or an email to president@rotaractstockholmdjurgarden.se