Committed to the Cause

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our board members is the backbone of Rotaract Stockholm Djurgården. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about our board members.

Kevin Nordfors 

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways Kevin can be described. He is a dedicated sports fan and has been a member of Rotaract Stockholm Djurgården since 2016. 

Past President 2019/2020


Treasurer 2019/2020

Nick, a native of California is a student of mathematics and statistics at Stockholms University. Although his Rotaract career is relatively short he can always make his presence known, through his personality and his height.


Program Coordinator 2019/2020

Taavi joined Rotaract Stockholm Djurgården with the vision and drive to improve upon our club and completed a successful year as President 2017/2018. He continues to focuse on developing the organization with experience and integrity as Past President 2018/2019.


Communications coordinator 2019/2020

Maria joined the club on the same evening as Emil Sydvart, the clubs secretary, and swiftly took a leading role in improving the clubs outward communication. She will take the helm on July first 2019. Apart from being our communications superstar Maria works as a communications coordinator at MAN Trucks


Club Secretary and DRR 2019/2020

Erik is a dedicated Rotaract member living in Uppsala where he is a student of many peculiar subjects. He has been involved with Rotary since 2011 when he participated in a Rotary exchange and is proud of his Swedish-Finnish heritage.


International Representative 2019/2020

Monika is a global changemaker, passionate about problem solving and business development on a global level. She is currently a masters student at Stockholm University.

Club President 2019/2020

Henrik has a masters in international economics, a bachelors in economics and a second bachelors in matematic statictics and work as a Senior Global Media Auditor.

Henrik Rundgren 

Vice President 2019/2020

Mona is a new and enthusiastic member of the club. She is also a student at Stockholms University as well as the definition of an international citizen.

Mona Mousa

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